Minority Business Development

Minority Business Development

Richmond: Virginia's Diverse Capital

The City of Richmond is dedicated to attracting and assisting in the rgrowth of minority-owned businesses. Richmond is an international city, attracting talent from all over the globe. The foreign-born population of the city is 7.1% and 9.6% of city residents speak languages other than English at home. The Richmond metropolitan area is currently home to over 13,000 minority-owned businesses, many located within the city limits. The City has two departments dedicated to assisting city-based minority firms.

Office of Minority-Owned Business Development (OMBD)

OMBD is dedicated to providing maximum opportunities for minority, disadvantaged and emerging small businesses through education, training, and connection to procurement opportunities. Learn more.

Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)

OMA increases access to city and community-based services, and promotes information, education, and civic participation in order to improve the quality of life of diverse cultural and linguistic communities. Learn more.





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City of Richmond
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