City-Owned Stategic Property

City-Owned Property

The City's Department of Economic & Community Development manages the redevelopment of strategic city-owned properties.

City-Owned Surplus Property

When a city-owned property is no longer deemed usable for city needs, it may be available for purchase through a Request for Proposal process or, per City Code, through the Unsolicited Offer process. Any purchase of city-owned process must go through an extensive due-diligence process, gain approval from the Mayor's Office and approved through City-Council vote. 


Tax Delinquent Property

Tax delinquent property  is property that has been acquired by the City Attorney's Office through a 2+ year judicial process due to unpaid real estate taxes by the owner. These properties are available through a public auction process, currently managed by Motley's Auction Group. The City of Richmond currently offers approximately thirty properties by auction through Motleys once per year.

To receive the listing of properties for auction, please visit Motley's Auction Group at The City of Richmond  does not have listings of foreclosed properties. Please contact a residential real estate broker or review local newspapers for published foreclosure listings and sales. 

If you have questions about where a specific tax delinquent property is in the tax sale process or if it is in the process, please contact  the City of Richmond's Attorney's Office at 804.646.6139.


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