Neighborhoods in Bloom Program

Neighborhoods in Bloom

Richmond: Virginia's Vibrant Capital

The award-winning, nationally renowned Neighborhoods in Bloom (NiB) program is designed to strengthen communities, increase homeownership, promote attractive affordable hosing, and reduce blight. Utilizing federal fund resources and following the Strategic Plan, the NiB program does the following:

  • Buy vacant or blighted properties, working with area non-profit development groups to rehabilitate structures or build new construction on vacant lots, and sell them to qualifying homeowners
  • Educates and counsels potential homebuyers
  • Provides down-payment assistance
  • Assists with owner-occupant repair needs 


This front-porch neighborhood features many cape cod homes built in the 1940's after World War II to accomodate soldiers coming home. Dating back to 1910, the neighborhood was known for its many African American residents who worked at the industries along the Jefferson Davis and Commerce Road corridor.


Dating back as far as 1874, Blackwell has been known for its many African-American-owned businesses created by the workers and merchants who lived there. The neighborhood is filled with tree-lined streets and homes ranging from late-19th century Italianate and Victorian houses to early 20th century bungalows. 

Carver & Newtown West

Carver and Newtown West were settled as working-class neighborhoods in the 1840's. The home styles are mostly attached frame and brick in the Italianate style. The neighborhoods are located adjacent to the campus' of Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Union University. 

Church Hill Central

Churuch Hill is the most historic neighborhood in Richmond, with the original 32 blocks of the town laid out by Captain William Mayo in 1737 within its boundaries.

Highland Park

This neighborhood developed mostly in the late 1890's as one of the city's original streetcar suburbs. It features the most extensive collection of Queen Anne architecture left in the city.


Swansboro is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, located partially within the former city of Manchester boundaries. The housing stock is primarily Bungalow-style cottages constructed between 1910 and 1940. 


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