Neighborhood Revitalization

Neighborhood Revitalization

Brimming with charm, diversity, and constant activity, Richmond’s neighborhoods are the heartbeat of the city. Explore this section to learn more about our neighborhoods and the revitalization projects designed to restore and beautify the city's most valuable assets - its neighborhoods and commercial corridors.

Commercial Corridors

Richmond's historic commercial corridors are vibrant streets that are thriving and revitalizing thanks to the rich diversity of businesses that choose to locate here and the surrounding neighborhoods that support these businesses. Learn more.

Neighborhood Profiles

Richmond's neighborhoods are some of the most acclaimed in the country, noteed often for some of the greatest collections of architectural styles in the country.  Learn more.

Federally Funded Programs

Through the use of federal funds, the City is able to generate revitalization efforts in targeted neighborhoods and commercial corridors through programs such as CDBG, Neighborhoods in Bloom, NSP, and HOME. Learn more.

City Owned Property

The City facilitates the sale of city-owned and tax delinquent properties approximately once a year in a targeted effort to revitalize key neighborhoods and specific sites. Learn more.

Incentives & Financial Tools

The City offers a series of financial tools, including grants and loans, to assist businesses with their relocation, expansion, and start up costs. Learn more.


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